300 Words: Jeff and Jackie Brandhorst ’12

It’s hard to forget the moment when we knew that everything was about to change. When we realized that the familiar was soon to become the strange, and the chapter we had spent four (or five) years of our lives writing was about to come to a close. As we walked across the O’Reilly Family Event Center stage on graduation day, we knew that we were about to begin a new chapter of our lives, a chapter that would define us as husband, wife, and Drury alumni.

Entering into the so-called “real world” happened almost overnight for us. In a matter of months we tied the knot, bought a house, a new car, started full-time jobs, and added to our family by adopting a calico kitty named Sophie. There was little time to acknowledge that our lives as undergraduates were over, but as things began to slow down we were able to understand just how much impact our education at Drury has had on our success as new alumni.

While Jackie began a new role as a graduate teaching assistant at Missouri State University, Jeff accepted a job in February of 2012 as a programmer at Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. 

To our shock and delight, he accepted a promotion to the role of database analyst several months later. We can’t express just how blessed we are to have been afforded the opportunities we have, and looking back, we know that our study abroad experience in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; our time as members of the Enactus (SIFE) team; and the dedication of our professors in Breech, Shewmaker and Burnham are the real reasons we have transitioned so effortlessly into this new phase of our lives together.

While the joy and anxiety of walking down Drury Lane in our cap and gown matched the way we felt on the day we said, “I do,” we have now settled into our new lives with as much excitement as we had on the first day of Freshman Orientation. As we grow together and continue to write new chapters, it is our greatest hope that we can give as much back to our Alma Mater as it has given to us.





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