300 Words: Rachel Milsap

It was Dean Acheson, a noted American lawyer that once said, “Always remember that the future comes one day at a time.” This became a very important idea for me when I began my transition from the University of Missouri to Drury; and an idea that I still keep with me to this day. When I was initially deciding on colleges, I used the approach that many do: I followed the footsteps of my parents. In that regard, my experience there didn’t feel like my own; rather, it felt like a legacy. I was there to fill footsteps, not create my own path. I lasted three weeks.

I moved back home and began my college search once again, but with a much different mindset. I was going to find someplace where I fit, a place that encouraged my dreams. Being from Springfield, and realizing that I wanted to remain in Springfield, I called the admissions office at Drury with crossed fingers that somehow three weeks into the semester they would allow me in. I was granted admission within two hours, had a class schedule within two days, and was soon walking into my first class no later than three days after being back in town. I was happy to finally have found a place that fit.

I fell in love with my professors, started friendships, and was soon appreciating the familiar faces of students all around me. The campus was small, the classes were intimate, and the more I fell in love with Drury, the easier college life became. I ended my fall semester with the satisfaction that I had made the right decision in leaving Mizzou, and could not have felt more at home at Drury. During the first week of spring semester, I fully understood why Drury fit: it was about becoming a part of something, and it, in turn, becoming a part of me. I learned an important lesson this year, one that is priceless: Change is a good thing, and should be welcomed warm-heartedly, and just like Dean Acheson said, the future is merely tomorrow, do not fear.





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